Personalised Children’s Wall Art

Personalised Children’s Wall Art

Recently, I have made a few commissions for nursery gifts. I love working on these because they are just so cute – who doesn’t love tiny babies! I thought it might be an idea to showcase a few of them. 

As usual, I start with a watercolor painting. Then I add the letter or wording and follow that with the embellishment, can’t resist the glitter! I have added dates, full names, time of birth on the commissions but the ones I am showing here are just the templates. I think these make a pretty cute and original gifts.

In other news, I will be in Naas Town Hall tomorrow, the 26th of November and Mullingar Christmas Fair from the 8th to the 11th of December if you are around, do drop by. I have a nice selection of paintings, hand embroidered paintings, christmas cards & tags and cushions too. Drop by if you are around – coincidentally Santa will be at both Christmas markets too!

Have a great week and keep flying your kites!




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