Art on Fabric

Art on Fabric

I love original things in my home and I really love design and pattern. If I love these things, I am hoping lots of other people do too!

I figured what better way to combine the two by getting some fabric made using my original watercolor paintings and making the result into some throw cushions, so that is what I have done. I dusted off the old singer machine and here are the results so far.


Here is a pretty little 12 inch by 12 inch cushion, perfect for brightening up your bedroom.


What interests me about this whole set is that they come from my Piles of Tiles paintings. You might remember these painting were based of those fantastic little tiles in Lisbon that have survived so much, including a catastrophic fire. What I love about these now being cushions is that that sentiment can sit on you bed or sofa and maybe by looking at it, well you might just get a little extra strength.

Here are a few more…




All of these are for sale on my Etsy shop here and as always if you would like to chat to me about commission pieces just drop me a line.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of making these and I’m looking forward to experimenting with lots more patterns and styles. Until next week keep flying that kite…


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