Goals & Gratitude

Goals & Gratitude

It’s been a bit of a funny week. I visited my bestie for the weekend, she used to live down the road from me but now she lives all the way away in Co Down. We had great fun, long walks in the fabulous Mourne Mountains during the day and wine and chats once the kids went to bed – bliss.


I came back all relaxed and ready to get a weeks work done only to find my little monkey friend back and drumming louder than ever. I took my own advice  (running for sanity not vanity) and went out for a run despite being less than Olympian with my running lately. Anyway half way around the lake I spotted this guy…


He made me just think how we all try and look so calm all the time, while paddling like mad behind the scenes to avoid the hazards. I came home thinking about my little duck friend and a few hours later I was in bed with a tummy bug. Now anyone that knows me, knows I have a tendency to over think things every so slightly but being stuck in bed for two days with just my thoughts, not ideal!

I did come to two conclusions, well they are things I knew already but maybe forgot. The first is, it is dangerous to compare yourself to others, apart from anything else you are comparing your insides to their outsides, not to be recommended.

The second thing is goals are one thing but gratitude is key. Goals drive you of course, but they lead you to feeling like you are coming up short a lot of the time. Gratitude, on the other hand, just being aware of the things you do have, the things that are great, well you are just happier.

For the record my top five things this week are;

  1. I get to spend my time and share my heart with a wonderful man
  2. My Family – there are no words for how brilliant they are
  3. I get to make a living doing what I love
  4. I have a fantastic group of friends without whom I’d be lost
  5. County Down is less than two hours drive away

There has not been too much painting done this week, lots of thinking, a little planning and a few pieces of toast eaten but the kite kept flying regardless, even if most of the time it was flying in my mind…


PS…My little sister did manage to pass her driving test (first time doing it!!) and her success inspired this piece…Oh The Adventures You Will Have…


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