Craft Markets – Ten Tips From A Rookie

Craft Markets – Ten Tips From A Rookie

Last weekend Fly Your Kite left the studio and ventured out into the big bad world! I did my first two craft markets and they went really well. I used loads of online forums and blogs to help me get prepared and so here are my top ten tips to help…


  1. People love Handmade things – have a range of prices if possible. Maybe they can’t afford your painting today, but hopefully if they buy some cards, they will be back for something bigger at a later stage
  2. Be prepared to take orders – have an order book and know your process
  3. Have a price tag on everything – people buy quicker when it is not a mystery
  4. Wear layers – you have no control over the heating!
  5. Chat to the other stall holders – they are a mine of information
  6. Have a checklist of things to bring – I found great ones on Pinterest (link to my board is below) and make sure you read your checklist – I forgot bags 🙁
  7. Engage with customers – chat, be friendly – it will help your sales and if they don’t buy give them a business card. Remember people buy people.
  8. Have lots of change – horrible to turn down a sale because you have no change
  9. Bring something small to work on – it can get quiet at times and it also adds to the ‘everything is handmade’ brand while relieving the boredom
  10. Get a card reader – I would definitely have lost sales without one – sum up worked really well for me


Just to prove I was there and this isn’t all made up!

This  Saturday (the 12th) I am in The Chocolate Factory on Kings Inn Street, Dublin 1. It would be lovely to see some friendly faces so drop in if you are free and in the meantime keep flying that kite of yours…


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