New Year…Great!?

New Year…Great!?


I love Christmas! I’m sure you are thinking, good for you, it’s over, move on. The reason I am telling you I love Christmas is to premise the fact I have finally reached the conclusion, I don’t love New Year. There is so much pressure to be healthier, fitter, slimmer more successful than you were 24 hours earlier. I used to hear people say, “oh I hate New Year’s Eve”, and I thought, what’s to hate? You put on a sparkly frock and drink champagne, happy days. But it is the turn of the New Year that get’s me, society, (well social media), tells you to have a grand master plan to success and, god forbid, you don’t kick off the 1st of Jan drinking a kale smoothie and finalising your magnificent business plan.

I went to see Tommy Tiernan last weekend. He did a piece on how it’s not really accurate to have a big New Year overhaul, as in reality everything is exactly the same. You have the same wife, the same kids, the same amount in your bank account and the same level of fitness. Pretty funny stuff when he says it, but it did make me think, why on earth do I feel all this pressure to evolve my life completely just because we have moved a day forward?

Rather than feel completely motivated and dying to write lists of goals, I started 2017 in bed with a chest infection. I spent ages looking at ‘motivational’ articles on facebook and instagram and just felt progressively more useless.

The reason I am sharing this with you is, I figure if I feel this, others must too. The point I want to make is, it’s ok not to have a ‘master plan’. It doesn’t have to be the beginning of your dream life or the start of a blank page. I think, it should just be the continuation of your journey.

For fear of coming across like the grinch that stole New Year, I wish each and every one a happy 2017 and as for my new years resolution, well just be a little kinder to myself – that’s it.

Back in the studio this week so will have some new things up soon, in the meantime keep flying that kite…





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