10 Things I Learned at the VAI Get Together

10 Things I Learned at the VAI Get Together

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The VAI are the representative body for professional artists in Ireland. You can read all about their work here. When I graduated from college it was suggested I join – so I did. It all seemed a bit “grown up” for the work I was doing so bar flicking through the bimonthly news sheet, my dealings with the VAI were non existent.

Since embarking on the artist entrepreneurial road, I am a little more clued in to try and avail of the opportunities and help available and with that in mind, I headed to the VAI Get Together in IMMA last Friday – here are the top 10 things I learnt

  1. The key to the success of an art career is relationship building – Domo Baal
  2. Look for open submissions and other opportunities to build your profile and develop your work – Emma Lucy O’Brien
  3. Tap into local bodies; Artlinks, Local Arts Officer, Enterprise Boards etc as they are there to help you succeed
  4. Use social media – a lot!
  5. The art is the most important part of your business – don’t lose track of ‘doing the work’ – Anna O’Sullivan
  6. When sending pictures of your work, get the basics right to be considered; well lit, use a scale reference if relevant, close up detail etc otherwise you are not even at the party – Leah Stuhltrager
  7. Peer reviews are really constructive so build your tribe
  8. Julian Schnabel is every bit the egotistical maniac you think he is
  9. Speed curating is fantastic but very stressful – a whistle goes and you have ten minutes to sell yourself, your work and ask all the 50 million questions you have – I learnt I would not be any use at speed dating
  10. Suki Teas are really good but coffee is my first love

I would recommend the day to anyone involved in the art world and I will definitely be back next year – hopefully with a whole new set of questions as my work develops.


Thanks for reading and of course, keep flying your kite








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