Goodbye My Pretties…

Goodbye My Pretties…

This is just a very short post to show you two pieces I waved goodbye to this week. Both are off to enjoy life somewhere away from me and I wish them every happiness in their new homes 🙂

The pieces are part of my Piles of Tiles series. These, for me, complete the circle. That is to create something for other people to enjoy but to tell a story at the same time.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about their new homes, as that is not my story, but in both cases they were bought as gifts and the pink one in particular was bought with love at the centre of the gift, something that just makes me very happy.


The piece above is watercolour painted on Fabriano 320 gm paper.


The pink piece is watercolour too but with silver thread hand sewn to create a sense of calm strength in such a delicate image. Something I feel the new owner has in spades.

Every studio needs a cat and Bert is mine. Here he is looking over the latest work, he’s somewhat impressed but would prefer if I were painting mice!


So short and sweet for now, but I am in San Francisco, the sun is shining and the sights are calling – keep flying that kite



1 thought on “Goodbye My Pretties…”

  • You say goodbye ….i say hello !
    I am very happy to welcome this piece into my house. Well done Kate O Neill, it is gorgeous and even better in real life . I love it . And well done to my husband who completely surprised me …i guess romance is still alive and well . Keep flying that kite x

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